1. What is MÄRSS?

MÄRSS is a small vegan brand, focused on making custom backpacks. Every product is a tailor-made piece and each bag can be made different from the other.

2. Materials?

VEGAN. I only use materials that are NOT derived from animals or contain animal products. There is a wide range of phthalate-free faux leathers and other materials to choose from.

3. What type of bags do you make?

Mostly backpacks, but also totes and shoulder bags etc. I always try to be open to completely new custom ideas too, as the best products are born out of necessity (like the very first MÄRSS backpack was).

4. How big is a MÄRSS backpack?(approximate heightXwidthXdepth in cm)

S – 43x33x12cm
M – 46x36x15cm (most common)
L – 50x40x20cm
*Most products I make can be altered in size to fit the customer’s specific needs.

5. Price?

A classid MÄRSS backpack can usually go for between €130 and €170 depending on the size and specifics of the design.

6. Where can I see/try on your products?

I have a studio/shop space located in the old Põhjala factory complex in Kopli, Tallinn which can be visited by appointment only at this time.

7. Where can I get a bag? How and when can I place a custom order?

Ready-to-ship MÄRSS backpacks can be purchased in our online store (marssbackpack.bigcartel.com). If reluctant to use Paypal, contact me through email to figure out a different method of payment. If there is nothing up in the web shop, it’s most likely there are no ready-made backpacks at that moment, but feel free to ask or place a pre-order via e-mail if an item you like is out of stock - I can just schedule it in to make sure you don't miss out. If you really want to come try something on before you buy it, give me a shout and let's set up a time.

The easiest way to order a custom bag is to set up an appointment to come see all the materials in my Tallinn-based studio, where we can discuss specifics. If you are unable to come here in person, we can try and agree on the specifics via email (send reference photos etc).
I do not always replicate previously made custom bags to the point, but feel free to refer to designs and materials you like in order to make it simpler to create the best possible one of a kind product for you.

8. How long does it take to get my bag once I’ve placed the order?

Please allow up to 1-4 weeks of processing time (plus shipping, from 7-14 working days in outside of Estonia).
The exact length of the wait depends on multiple things – how many orders I have in line already, whether I have the material at hand or do I have to order it…and so on. I try to do my best to get everyone’s orders out as soon as possible.

9. Returns?

In the case of an order placed through our web store for a ready-to-ship backpack, you have the right to a 14-day return or exchange period. The product must be in new and unused conditon. We will refund you within 14  days after we have received the item. We do not offer the return or exchange option in case the product has been custom made or altered to your specific needs.

10. Where do you ship?

Pretty much anywhere. Shipping cost abroad is usually between €13 and €20.

11. Gift cards?

Yes! Perfect option when you are pinched for time. The recipient can put the gift card credit towards a custom-made bag. You can choose the amount and it will be reflected on the card.

12. Where can I reach you?