MÄRSS is a small brand based in Tallinn, Estonia, specializing in making vegan backpacks. The handmade products are aimed at both men and women. Mostly custom work.

The cut and fit of the bags was developed with comfort and adequate holding capacity in mind, while not making any compromises on the overall look. It’s important that the backpacks are wearable with a variety of styles and outfits and reflect the heart of both the wearer and brand.

Many of our custom bags are one of a kind pieces and are not usually replicated to the T.

There is a variety of vegan materials used - both new and upcycled fabrics. Our small production and personal approach to our customers allows each bag to be made different from the previous and thus give You a sustainable, unique and personalized product. The vegan leathers used are phthalate free.

Contact us at marssbrand@gmail.com to get your own one of a kind MÄRSS backpack made!